NJBS was established with a noble thought; “Education for all”, in 2056 B.S. at Char Number, then Karahiya VDC-8, Rupandehi, Nepal at present Tilottama Municipalty-08, Manigram, Rupandehi, Lumbini Province, Nepal.

With course of time, NJBS emerged higher with some energetic personalities in 2065 BS. Ultimately, now, it stands at its firmest with the excellent management of brilliant academicians bearing remarkable experience. 

As a chairman, this institute is lead by Mr. J P Kandel, a local Enterprenuer and Business Man. Having a sound knowledge of various sectors gained experience being involved at Bank, Industry, Business, School, Hospital, Media Sectors and attending different seminars abroad in India, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. Mr. Kandel stands as a well distinguished icon in Management of different institute of the region.

As a Principal Mr.Top Bahadur K C, a well known personality for his contribution in different field as in Social Walfare & Education.

NJBS is situated approximately 3 km East Siddhartha Highway, Manigram, which is 10 km South to Butwal, in a complete peaceful & pollution free environment. Extending over an area of 42 Kattha (28 Ropanies). NJBS has adequate space for Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton & many more games within its own premises. NJBS is well known in the region for its mesmerizing building of astounding & earthquake-proof design & construction.


  • Our highly experienced and qualified academic staff will be led by Expert management
  • We provide the top level of care, in a clean and safe environment, with premium facilities
  • We offer a wide variety of out of school activities and have a strong focus on Extra Curricular Activities inc. sports
  • We prepare our students for opportunities at prestigious international Universities & Colleges.

Extra Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) help students to learn about themselves, by encouraging them to develop and use their skills and knowledge within a different context.

The activities are a great way for students to continue their learning outside of the classroom, whilst also encouraging their engagement within the school. It can also improve a child’s self esteem as they discover their hidden talents, through a range of activities such as sports, dancing, yoga, singing, competitions, community programmes and much more.

We therefore consider Extra Curricular Activities as an important factor in ensuring our students success and happiness, and therefore integrate it in our assessments, to ensure that our  students take full advantage of the numerous benefits to be had from engaging with them. 


We believe that if yoga is introduced at an early age, it can become a way of life for our students and help them to reconnect to their physical and mental health.

That is why Students at NJBS practice yoga everyday – both in the morning and during assembly, under the guidance of a professional yoga Instructor.

Yoga is one of the best forms of exercising and self healing. It is the practice of meditation and self control and plays an important role in improving our daily routine and enhancing our physical flexibility, by removing negative blocks from the mind and toxins from the body.

Yoga helps our students to identify how to control and deal with their emotions whilst also providing them with immeasurable health benefits – including improving their posture, boosting their memory, and building their lung capacity.


Just like academics, sports is also an important aspect of education. Along with health and  enjoyment, sports can help students to learn about teamwork, responsibility, accountability, confidence, leadership, and discipline – which are all important factors in the success of our students.

To facilitate this, students are given the opportunity to play a variety of sports on a regular basis. We have a well equipped basketball court and mini football ground, and to guide the students we have professional basketball and football coaches as well as Cricket coaches.


Here at NJBS, we combine music with teaching as we believe it is key to creativity and provides an authentic context for working together.

Introducing music at an early age can also help students to foster a positive attitude towards learning and curiosity, and can be used as a great tool for them to manage stress. It can also help students to develop their memory, increase their concentration, and improve their academic grades.

During our music classes, we expose our students to many different genres, including folk, pop, rock, and classical – and in this way to expand our students minds and increase their self confidence.


Dance is a great form of healthy physical activity. It teaches children about music, rhythm, and beat – as well as the importance of movement and fitness, in a new and interesting way.

Through learning dance, we believe that students also improve their communication as it helps them to express their feelings.

Dance is a great way to reduce stress and boost self confidence – by motivating students to break out of their comfort zones. In this way, it is also a good source of relaxation, entertainment, and inspiration – components which we understand are all key to a child’s development.

Co- curricular Activities

Club Activities at Primary Level (6 – 12  years)

The main objective of our Club Classes is to develop Conversation, Storytelling, Creative Writing, Reading, and Mathematical Skills.

Teachers therefore plan their Club Classes in accordance with these objectives, and in this way, they are both fun and educational.

Grading is given on the students work and a portfolio for each student is made in the Club Classes, which is then sent to the parents or guardians with their results each term.

NB: If we ask our students to bring materials necessary for the Classes, then we will mention it in the diary or copy two days earlier.

 English Club (RC)

In the English Club, students will cover a range of topics and take part in a variety of activities, including: Practicing writing (for stories, dialogue, journals, letters, and biographies); reading; practicing conversation; watching videos; making models; completing worksheets; and playing interactive learning games inc. puzzles.

Rotary Interact Club

Interact is a Rotary sponsored service club for young people made up of member ages between 14-18. Interact

gives young people an opportunity to participate in fun and meaningful service project. Along the way, Interactors develop their leadership skills and initiative while meeting new friends. Interact Club of Nawajyoti English Boarding School is school based Interact Club sponsored by Rotary Club of Butwal South and chartered in Rotary International on 20th July 2015.

Child Friendly Club

We are maintaining a good discipline without any type of discrimination among us under the club. It helps to develop our personality as well. The friends who are as a member in this club, are learning leadership and well
behavior. It is helping us to be a good citizen in future.

Library Class

The  Library Class is to develop the students interest in reading new books. Throughout the class, students will focus on two things:

–       A Book Review: Students will be required to read a book and then deliver a presentation about  it to the class.

–       Book Discussion: The class will all be required to read the same book and then engage in a teacher-led class discussion about the book – in which they will be encouraged to formulate and share their own opinions.

 Spelling Bee

At NJBS we run a Spelling Bee. The objective of this competition is for the students to learn new words and further practice their pronunciation and sentence formation.

Services- Transportation and Health


NJBS has Three 35-seat  buses, along with one 14-seat wingers, a Mini van 8-seat.

This fleet of vehicles transports children to school in the mornings so that they arrive before 9:30 am and for +2 students 2 buses and 1 winger has managed in the morning time right 6 o’clock and returns them to their homes at 5:30pm each day.

Our transport facility is designed to ensure the safe and convenient transport of all students and teachers. The drivers and helpers can always be contacted for easy monitoring of each route and all buses come complete with First Aid and Fire Extinguisher services.

Health Services

We have an in-house clinic on the school premises, along with a full-time nurse who has all of the necessary equipment required for the first aid of the students and school staff. We are also committed to providing regular health check ups for our students, with medical professionals.